I Spy Printable Birthday Game for LDS Primary



With the 2015 Primary theme of “I Know my Savior Lives” I’ve seen many leaders handing out a copy of “The Living Christ” to the children. I created an I Spy coloring game you can print on the back.  I put the paper into a plastic sheet protector. Kids can use a crayon to circle ones they’ve found, then wipe off. Or they can take the page out and color the details in. I also added some stickers, a fun pencil and piece of candy in the sheet protector. It was fun to teach to the kids about the Savior today but they didn’t want to wait for their birthday to get it.

Here is an image. The PDF is below.


i spy image birthday game

Free printable for personal, home or church use only. Click here for the PDF: Birthday I Spy back of Living Christ 15 Green vSaley

Mormon I Spy Mormon

Black and white, generic I Spy game Mormon Style PDF: Mormon I Spy Printable Coloring Page


I serve in Burmese refugee branch Primary in Salt Lake City.  Many of the refugee children don’t have birthdays. Some were given Jan. 1st as their birthday when they arrived in the United States. Some got to choose their birthday. Many don’t know the year they were born either so we try to guess which age class to put them in. They also don’t have the same surnames in families, only first names. So my goal is to figure out birthdays, ages, parents names and siblings this month.

We only have enough teachers to have 5 classes so we have a 3-4 yr, 5-6 yr, 7-8 yr and a 9-11 boys, 9-11 girls class.  We average 60 kids attending each week.  The younger children speak Karen or Karenni (states of Burma) but most of the older children who have been attending school understand and speak English well.  They are so eager to learn and are very polite and shy.  My family feels very blessed for the opportunity to serve in this branch.